Optimization for WordPress websites

Digital business and website maintenance are based on a long process of trial and error. In addition, the rapid technological development makes the possibilities of yesterday less good or relevant today. The rapid updating of the field leaves no choice but to work more thoroughly, and maintain our digital business services on an ongoing basis.

Basically, the optimization process refers to improving the performance and processes in your business’s marketing campaign, such as response speed, content, headings, codes and more. In the optimization process we will take care of optimizing the speed of your website, code and media, so that your website will be more efficient and your page speed rank in Google will climb to the top.

What should you pay attention to? How do we know if something is wrong? When is it time to go over the interface and improve it? Our expert team will be able to answer such questions and others for you, and work for a quality, maximum and essential optimization process for your business.

Immediate improvement in Google

Professional optimization will contribute to the immediate improvement of your Google page speed rank.


As part of the optimization service we also monitor the changes for an extended period and continue to make improvements throughout the period.

Images and media

We will convert and take care of full optimization of all the media on the website for you, so that the loading speed will not be affected by large images and videos.

PageSpeed rank

Instantly increase your Google Page Speed rank to a score of 90 or higher.

Code optimization

We will optimize the website code or template for you, we will make sure that the website will load at lightning speed and will not load things that it is not supposed to load.